Polymer chemistry

The principles and ways used inside Polymer Chemistry are applicable through a large vary of different chemistry sub-disciplines like organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and physical chemistry several materials have chemical compound structures, from absolutely inorganic metals and ceramics to DNA and different biological molecules, however, polymer chemistry is often said within the context of synthetic, organic compositions. Synthetic-Polymers are omnipresent in industrial materials and products in day to day usage, usually they are plastics, and rubbers, and area unit major parts of composite materials. Polymer chemistry can even be enclosed within the broader fields of polymer science or even in nanotechnology, each of which might be represented as encompassing polymer physics and polymer engineering.


  • Biodegradable Polymers
  • Bioplastics
  • Biopolymers & Biomaterials
  • Ionic chain-reaction and complex coordinative polymerization
  • Naturally occurring polymers
  • Organic and inorganic polymers
  • Polymer Synthesis
  • Polymerization Techniques
  • Polymers For Emerging Technologies
  • Rheology
  • Step-reaction polymerization or polycondensation reactions
  • Testing and spectrometric characterization of polymers

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