Chemistry of Transition Elements

The chemical Elements mentioned in the periodic table are organized along in blocks as per their outer electronic configurations. The Elements with a half-filled or fully-filled outer s orbital comprise the s-block elements. The transition elements play necessary roles in our day to day life and to keep the living organisms alive. Several materials that we tend to encounter every day contain transition elements like iron, copper, chromium, nickel etc. in one way or the other. It's essential to grasp the principles underlying the chemistry of these elements to understand the roles of transition elements in biological systems or in chemical processes involving them.


  • Characteristics of transition elements
  • Electronic configuration
  • Chemical formula
  • Ligand binding
  • causes of colour compounds of transition elements
  • complex compound formation
  • coordination complexes
  • transition metal Dinitrogen complexes

Market Analysis: Due to strong demand from the construction and transportation sectors during the forecast period, the global transition metals market is expected to experience rapid growth. In emerging regions such as Asia Pacific and Central & South America, rapid industrialization and government support are projected to support the growth of the construction and automotive industries. More Details:

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