Medicinal Chemistry

Drug discovery could be a complicated method in chemistry and preclinical and clinical pharmacology have a prevailing role however it's additionally supported by the information of many other natural science disciplines like biology, physiology, pathology, biological science, and molecular biology. Chemistry is concerned in basic steps of a drug discovery process like synthesis or extraction, drug analysis, formulation and pharmaceutical technology, however its main contribution is in drug design, discovery and development, that is, medicinal chemistry.


  • Chemical synthesis
  • Chemicals in medicine
  • Drug design
  • Drug discovery
  • Medicinal inorganic chemistry
  • Medicinal radiochemistry
  • Natural products
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Pharmacology

Market Analysis: Global Medicinal Chemistry for Drug Discovery Market in the 2019-2026 forecast period is expected to experience a steady CAGR. Increasing consumer use of new drugs is the major driving force of the market. More Details:

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