The branch of Petrochemistry is among the six core industries within the world and plays a vital role in influencing deciding for all the other vital sections of the economy. Petroleum focuses on how crude oil and fossil fuel are reworked into raw materials and different other product. It's the first material for a large number of chemical product, as well as prescribed drugs, solvents, fertilizers, plastics, dyes, surfactants, fuels, and plenty of others. So several nations contemplate oil as an integral part of different industries & holds vital importance. The new industrial organic materials are measure from oil, whose modern production is from fossil fuel, coal tar, wood, and agricultural waste materials. Although the trend towards Renewable Energy is building, it's still considered as the world powerhouse.


  • Advanced oil and gas technologies
  • Drilling and well operation technology
  • Environmental hazards of petroleum
  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Oil refining
  • Petroleum engineering and its industrial application
  • Petroleum geology and geo-physical exploration
  • Process engineering and petro chemistry
  • Reservoir simulation and reservoir engineering 
  • Storage and energy conversion

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